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Microsoft Word Class != IT Education

Tim Berners-Lee’s creation of the world wide web is probably the invention that ultimately created the academic discipline of information technology.  As computer networks expanded beyond niche military or academic circles, the need arose for usability, interoperability, security, scaleability, and manageability … Continue reading

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Can a) b) c) d) Assess Understanding?

As an information technology (IT) faculty member teaching in the systems and networking side of the camp (rather than development), I have always found it important to assess students’ clear understanding of and ability to discuss computing technologies. Because IT … Continue reading

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An Introduction, Mark Stockman – Information Technology

Thanks to Amber and Inroads for the opportunity to contribute to this blog. As an information technology (IT) educator, it is encouraging when ACM practices inclusion of all computing disciplines, beyond just computer science, as it has with this invitation. … Continue reading

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