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Controversy in MOOC-land

While MOOCs may seem to be an unstoppable bandwagon, a recent article in reports on controversy, mainly driven by concern from institutions and faculty members that MOOC content will be used as an excuse to cut funding. The linked … Continue reading

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One reason we have so much engineering and so little computer science taught at US high schools.

Mark Guzdial wrote a great blog on October 28, 2013 on his excellent Computing Education Blog entitled “A Theory for why there’s so little CS Ed in the US”. In the second section entitled “Why is there so little … Continue reading

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A Broader View of STEM

STEM 2.0 – Transformational Thinking about STEM for Education and Career Practitioners. Jim Brazell, international speaker with two decades of experience leading innovative design projects in education, technology and business innovation, published this in July, 2013. He addressed the STEM … Continue reading

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