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A blog on MOOCs

Last year – for some reason that I can no longer remember – I became interested in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). MOOCs are the latest computer- and web-based panacea proposed for solving crises in education. Among the prominent institutions offering MOOCs are … Continue reading

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Guest Blog – Barb Ericson on requiring CS for entry into college – prior experience helps a lot

To a question about Requiring CS for Entry into College? Barb Ericson posted this on the CSTA list recently. With her permission I’m reposting her comments here – they contain much of relevance to both high schools and colleges. At … Continue reading

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CS Resources Abound But There’s Still a Crisis in CS Education

Late last week I attended and spoke at the Wisconsin Mathematics Council Annual Meeting at Green Lake.  They allowed me to speak twice about computer science.  In fact, we are lucky enough to have a math organization that encourages a … Continue reading

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