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Politicians and educational reform

The president of the United States just started his second term, and Mr. Obama has spent a lot of time recently making his agenda for that term clear.  In an interesting twist for computing educators, part of what he’s mentioned … Continue reading

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Examining failure

I had an interesting experience recently on my personal blog that started me thinking about failure and computing education.  I’m teaching a new class, and I wrote a blog post in which I discussed my preparations for the first lecture … Continue reading

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Social scientists who want to program

I just returned from a trip to Arizona to visit family, and one of the interesting conversations I had was with my sister.  She is a newly-hired faculty member in the government department at the College of William and Mary. … Continue reading

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Are technology companies ready for a culture change?

A convergence of events has me thinking about a possible cultural change for technology companies.  But it will take me a while to explain what I mean, so forgive a personal digression.  I hope that it will be worth the … Continue reading

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ICER’s chicken-and-egg problem

In the December issue of ACM Inroads, Raymond Lister has an article entitled Rare Research: Why is Research Uncommon in the Computing Education Universe?  In it he correctly notes that while the SICSE Symposium typically has an attendance of roughly … Continue reading

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